Sunday October 22, 2017

My hunch has always been that our deepest experiences are wordless but there are no words to describe the gap between seeing and saying, for example. The labor of poetry is finding ways for language to point to what cannot be put into words.

—Charles Simic
  Serbian-American poet (b.1938)

Source:”Notes on Poetry and Philosophy” inThe Life of Images:Selected Prose (buy from Amazon)

The Boston Globe’s editors and I agreed in December 2015 that Reflection for the Day will no longer appear in the newspaper, ending a 32-year run since the feature was launched by visionary Boston Globe editor Tom Winship. This website will continue to publish the Reflections every day, including most Sundays, into 2016. To my many regular print readers through the years I extend deep gratitude and warm wishes for the New Year. —Tom Fitzpatrick