SundayJuly 23, 2017

Whatever you start out as
you end up as something else,
the process lurches, jumps, stalls
but maybe there’s balance in the ravage,
the invisible origins of music.
So what? Sugar on one side, acid on the other.
just as the couple moves out of the house
they’ve lived in for years, the pear trees
he planted bloom for the first time
but someone else moves in.

—Dean Young
   American poet(b.1955)

Source:”Dragonfly” in Fall Higher (buy from Amazon)

The Boston Globe’s editors and I agreed in December 2015 that Reflection for the Day will no longer appear in the newspaper, ending a 32-year run since the feature was launched by visionary Boston Globe editor Tom Winship. This website will continue to publish the Reflections every day, including most Sundays, into 2016. To my many regular print readers through the years I extend deep gratitude and warm wishes for the New Year. —Tom Fitzpatrick