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Sunday December 31, 2017 (New Year's Eve)

How strange we are here,
raw, new, how ephemeral our lives and cultures,
how unrelated
to the honing out of
caves and canyons:
the lands, floating, rise
and fall, unnoticed in the
turning over
of generations:
we, rapids in a valley
that millennially sinks:
nothing’s simple, but
should we add
verbal complexity?
is there a darkness
dark words should imitate?
I mean to stay on the
hard-clear surface: tho
it reflects the deep,
the fluid, hot motions
and intermotions where,
after all, we
do not live:
10,000 yrs
burned since then:

—A. R. Ammons
  American poet (1986-2001)

Source:Tape for the Turn of the Year (buy from Amazon)

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