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Sunday January 31, 2016

There is in the soul a desire for not thinking.
For being still. Coupled with this
a desire to be strict, yes, and rigorous.
But the soul is also a smooth son of a bitch,
not always trustworthy. And I forgot that.
I listened when it said, Better to sing that which is gone
and will not return than that which is still
with us and will be with us tomorrow. Or not.
And if not, that’s all right too.
It didn’t much matter, it said, if a man sang at all.
That’s the voice I listened to.
Can you imagine somebody thinking like this?
That it’s really all one and the same?
What nonsense!

—Raymond Carver
  American poet and short story writer(1938-1988)

Source:”Radio Waves” in Where Water Comes Together with Other Water (buy from Amazon)

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